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Innofication developed a Business Dashboard which gives customers insights in the business value the innovation platform is offering to the organisation. So the dashboard offers information on a higher strategic level than the dashboard for managers to manage and control the innovation processes.

The  Business Dashboard gives insights in e.g.:
  • What is the cumulative cashflow of selected innovation (in a stage/round)?
  • What is the payback time of investments?
  • Which type of innovations do we have and what is the considered risk?
  • When are innovation launched?
  • What is the potential total revenue of new innovations (in a stage/round)?
  • Which type of innovations do we need? Are we taken enough risk? Or do we focus to much on just incremental innnovations?
  • Etc.

The dashboard is designed based on widgets and can be modified and extended. It provides insights far beyond the level of Excel spreadsheets.