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Concept innovation platform

Next generation innovation software with focus on humans
In our platform the principles of ideation, open innovation, co-creation, social learning and serious gaming can be applied to turn ideas quickly into successful propositions with the commitment of stakeholders which add significant business value.

The Innofication concept does not contain a standard method, but deploys a innovation process that can be fully optimized for your business challenge.
Become a disrupter in your business domain!
Not one size fit all.

Use populair methodes and frameworks like Lean Startup, Business Modelling and Design Thinking
Our innovation platform can seamlessly integrate with existing innovation programs of customers where popular methods and models such as Lean Startup and Business Modelling and Design Thinking can be used. Due to this flexibility, our platform can be used for strategy, business modelling, ideation challenges, customer experience challenges, change management and education.

The success of an innovation project or program is often a combination of online and offline activities that create synergy!

Create an culture of innovation

At the heart of our concept are not only the ideas or propositions, but also all stakeholders from your ecosystem where interaction, learning, knowledge sharing and fun are important aspects.

It is important to, among other things, formulate innovation objectives, but what will you bring to your stakeholders? Why would they participate? What motivates them?

Below a number of parts of our concept are explained. These components can be used separately, but they also form an integral part of our concept.

Overview innovation platform

The innovation platform is a concept that predominantly consists of two important components for collecting, valuating and selecting ideas up to and including the development and validation of complete propositions in competitions.

Innovation method
The innovation process to elaborate ideas into propositions depends entirely on your business issue. Are you looking for a new strategy, business model, customer service concept, new proposition or process improvements? We do not believe in a fixed method, but in best practices. We use e.g. serious gaming techniques to elaborate ideas into propositions, where in each round an aspect of the proposition has the focus.

Ideation / Crowd sourcing

The platform offers the capability to collect ideas in an approachable way for innovation and change management topics that the organization has.

The collection of ideas can take place via different channels, such as in the platform directly, via forms, websites, intranets, Twitter or another channel which can be added easily.

The ideas can be assessed by the crowd itself on the basis of likes, comments, answers to simple questions and the popularity of ideas. The crowd determines what the potential interesting and valuable ideas are!

Innofication has developed a unique assessment model to select the best ideas.
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Ideation and Crowdsourcing software

Innovation Management and Serious Gaming

The innovation platform aims to elaborate ideas or a specific business challenge in different phases (called rounds) into an effective solution. This is often an innovation process where ideas are developed into fully-fledged propositions.

In contrast to Cooper's "traditional" stage-gate process, it is the players / innovators in the innovation process who elaborate ideas / propositions that provide feedback through comments and investments (fictitious investment player) and not just the experts who "controls" the gate. This serious gaming element ensures healthy competition and transparency where knowledge sharing and collaboration is key.

The proposition that has received the most investments over all rounds is the best proposition for an organization to deploy. After all, this proposition also received the most support from the players.

The innovation process can have between 5 and hundreds of players and can take between 1/2 day, a few months or even continuous. There is no technical restriction on the number of rounds. In addition, several innovation processes (called campaigns) can be executed concurrently where, for example, different challenge have different campaigns.
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Run multiple innovation campaigns


Individually or in a team, ideas can be developed into fully-fledged propositions. The participants in a team can consist of employees, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders in your business.

Teams are formed around ideas. For example, the owner of an idea or proposition can decide for himself who is allowed to participate in his innovation team. Innovators can work on multiple ideas and thus be active in multiple teams. In practice, the innovation team requires a large diversity of competences that are virtually never present in one person.

Team members even have a collaboration solution available where they can share information that is only available to members of the innovation team. Here they can chat with each other, exchange documents and even create polls, so that decision-making can take place quickly.

If competency profiles of innovators / players are used, an idea owner can quickly find a match based on the desired competence for an idea with an innovator profile who is willing to participate in the innovation team.
Collaboration in innovation environment

Open Innovation

Open Innovation can be important to use expertise outside your organization and / or industry for innovation. Many stakeholders can participate in your innovation process in our platform.

Open Innovation usually has its limits in practice. Do you allow your customers to collaborate with your financial business case and give them insight into your margins etc.? We think not. Our authorization model determines where your stakeholders can stay involved in your innovation process.

You determine the innovation process yourself and are not imposed by a software platform! After all, it is your business and there is no standard recipe for different challenge. We like to think along with you.
Open Innovation to use the knowledge of your eco-system

Innovation Community

A complete innovation community is set up where all involved can actively participate in the innovation process. This applies not only to the innovators, but also to everyone involved in your ecosystem. Their feedback is valuable to develop propositions that, on the one hand, connect to the market, but on the other hand are also supported within the organization. This will decrease both the time to market of new propositions and increase success rate.

Our innovation community can be a open and / or closed community that can be set up per campaign in the innovation platform.
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innovation community

Social learning

The social learning solution is aimed at gathering knowledge and information, but also the interaction between the players themselves. This means that players are presented with information and they can gain knowledge (micro-learning). In addition, it could mean that the player is deemed to answer a question. This can be a typical test question where only one answer is correct or only a question where the player's opinion is asked.

The player can view the answers of other players to a question after answering a question. This gives him insights into how other players look at certain subjects. There is also the capability that players have a discussion about the question where they share their knowledge and experiences.

Apart from the fact that players acquire knowledge in a "playful" and interactive manner, it also provides the organization with a wealth of new insights. And it is all real-time and transparent with a focus on the practice of the organization!
Social learning to gain and share knowledge and experiences

Inspiration / Creativity

A solution to get inspiration from a fresh look at existing topics within your own organization by asking critical questions ("what-if") and / or getting inspired how other companies have come to new products, services or radical business models.

This online solution presents inspiring information that can be presented during an offline workshop or used online, so that new ideas can be shared instantly.

The solution can be fully equipped for the subject for which inspiration is desired and can contain all sorts of content, such as html, documents, videos, etc.

Use our ideation solution offline during e.g. workshops