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Idea and Innovation Management Software
Innovation communities in which your ecosystem is actively engaged
in collecting, evaluating and selecting ideas
including the development of propositions.

Next generation innovation platform for successful Innovation and Change

Our innovation platform is focused on people, ideas, interaction and knowledge sharing with the purpose of creating an innovation culture through which organizations can innovate and change.

Open Innovation
Open Innovation
serious gaming
Serious gaming
innovation management
Innovation Management
social learning
Social learning
Innofication biedt ideation, innovation management, serious gaming, social learning solution en collaboration oplossingen om een innovatieculuur te helpen creëren. Zowel de hard- als zachte kant is belangrijk om succesvol te kunnen innoveren met de commitment van uw stakeholders Ons innovatieplatform gaat verder dan alleen ideeën verzamelen. Het is een innovatie suite die flexibel is aan te passen aan uw innovatievraagstuk. Daag ons uit!

Innovation and change is collaboration and co-creation.
It is not a one man show or the responsibility of a small team.
It remains people business

- Innofication -

Applications innovation software

Flexible innovation software
Unique flexible innovation platform
Innovation management software from ideas to propositions
From ideas to proposition development
Innovation software and innovation consultancy
Software and innovation consultancy company

Our innovation platform allows you to better adapt to turbulent developments in your business environment and involve your employees and other stakeholders in your ecosystem for innovation and change.

innovation community and collaboration

ideas via multiple channels

smart innovation process

dashboard and widgets
Innovation dashboard
Innovation community and collaboration
Open- and/or closed communities even per campaign
Content management system and knowledge base
Gamification, such as likes and badges
Chat and messaging in campaigns
Collaboration solution for innovation teams
Advanced authorization model and security
Branding solution and multilingual
Ideas via multiple channels
Collect ideas via multiple channels such as intranet, extranet and Twitter
REST API to collect idea through other channels
Add documents, video's, html content, etc. to ideas
Import and export functions for ideas
Customizable forms to collect ideas outside the innovation platform
Supplement ideas with additional information, such as department and categories
'Custom fields' ideas to e.g. show value ideas in innovation funnel
The innovator can put together an innovation team per idea
Quickly search for ideas based on all kinds of criteria
Sharing ideas
Innovation process
Smart innovation process
Not "one size fits all", deploy process to solve the business issue
Multiple idea evaluation methods
Developing potentially good ideas by means of serious gaming (competition)
A lot of supported content available to help innovators
Supporting models, such as BMC, VPC, Experiment Canvas, etc.
Innovation process can be a one-time, but also a continuous process
Advanced authorization process. Open innovation has limits / restrictions!
Unique and flexible method to develop products and services
Dashboards and widgets
Various reports for innovators and managers
Operational dashboard for monitoring innovation process
Business dashboard to provide insight into the added value of innovation
Dashboards are made up of widgets and can be configured completely customer-specific
Separate BI tooling can be used for further analyzes and dashboards
Operational innovation dashboard


Through active collaboration, knowledge sharing and support in the platform, ideas are quickly elaborated into propositions.

Easy validation of propositions by proactively involving your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Improve motivation and commitment of employees at every level in the organization. They can all participate in innovation initiatives and their voice is heard!

Encourage entrepreneurship and cooperation at every level in the organization. Fail fast and cheap, move faster. A culture change!

No "hidden calendars". It is clear to everyone why certain choices are made so that everyone stays hooked!

Gaining knowledge, knowledge sharing in an environment has a motivational effect and fun factor. Innovation and change often takes place in addition to the daily work of employees.


Open Innovation

Stakeholders within your organization and existing networks (eco systems) are able to provide new ideas and insights for innovation.

Serious Game

In a serious game, selected ideas can be elaborated into propositions in a competition.


Active involvement of stakeholders and cooperation in a transparent environment creates more commitment.


By sharing available knowledge from our content management system / knowledge base and the knowledge and experience of players, insights are improved and professionalism increased.


Our solutions address the need for dynamic organizations that need an entrepreneurial culture where the crowd is aligned.


Our platform is flexible to suit your business needs and offers many applications capabilities.

Innovation of the innovation process

By changing existing innovation processes, the time to market of new products and / or services can be reduced and the success rate will increase.

Bottom Up

Utilizing existing knowledge of employees and knowledge the outside-organization (eg customers) is a source of creativity and successful innovations.


Instant insight and more control over the innovation process and the better propositions. Directly adjust if necessary and not afterwards if business is missing.

The most difficult and critical first customer for
a new product or service
is often
your own organization.

- Friso Muntjewerf -

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