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Innovation Accelerator Challenge

Develop and realize successful propositions within two weeks

What is it

"Use the power of your employees to rapidly collect, develop, select ideas and launch new products and services.

Sustainable results within 2 weeks."

The Innovation Accelerator Challenge is a unique innovation method that helps your organization to rapidly collect ideas within your ecosystem and develop these ideas into successful propositions that actually deliver their added value. And all that within two weeks!

The Innovation Accelerator Challenge contains a proven online innovation platform and offline method that are popular and effective. They ensure that the knowledge from your ecosystem is optimally utilized and that there is also genuine support and commitment from your employees for these new initiatives.


In this first week, new ideas are collected from your employees and, if desired, from your customers in our online platform and fully branded in your corporate identity. Your employees have the capability to assess ideas in the platform. The potentially good ideas are selected to be elaborated in the two workshop days into successful propositions.

The first workshop day is dedicated to developing the proposition and the research to validate the proposition.

In the second workshop day the proposition is adjusted. In addition, a salespitch will be made which will be presented to the jury at the end of the workshop day. The jury selects one or more propositions that are going to be deployed and launched.

All your employees can share their ideas in the Innovation Accelerator Challenge, but up to 30 employees can participate in the two-day workshops. Your employees can work on propositions in teams of 2-3 people. No basic knowledge of innovation is required. After all, it is also a great learning experience!
Innovation Acclerator Challenge


Los van de succesvolle proposities die worden ontwikkeld zijn er resultaten die betrekking hebben op de "zachte kant" van innovatie welke in de praktijk misschien nog wel belangrijker zijn! Er wordt gewerkt aan een ondernemende cultuur en mindset. Apart from the successful propositions that are being developed, there are results that relate to the "soft side" of innovation, which in practice may be even more important! Creating an entrepreneurial culture and mindset.

The benefits are:
 Maximum development and deployment of 10 successful propositions within 2 weeks
Motivation employees at every level in the organization
Learning and sharing knowledge
Commitment and support for innovations and change of your employees
Teambuilding by working on propositions in teams
Transparency, everyone has insight into the developments within the organization

Target audience

The Innovation Accelerator Challenge is intended for both private and public companies. Public companies also have many stakeholders to which they must account. In practice, this places many demands/pressure on products and services!
Innofication has very attractive pricing for socially responsible companies (NGO's).

Getting started

The Innovation Accelerator Challenge can be fully adapted to your innovation challenge and branding guides.