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Why Innofication for innovation

Next generation innovation platform

Innofication does not believe in a "one-size fit all" approach, a methodology that is used in every situation to solve various challenge. Without becoming too academic, but the method to be used depends on many factors such as the type of challenge, organizational culture, employees' competencies, existing methodology, time, budget and expected quality.

The innovation platform of Innofication manages an innovation process that can be fully set up in order to solve your business challenge. To this end, various standard models are available that can be supportive. After all, it is all about practice, your business! The used approach may already be part of the solution.

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Hard and soft side of innovation

An innovation platform is and remains a piece of software that is supportive to the innovators and all other stakeholders. The soft side of innovation where sharing knowledge, collaboration, healthy competition, taking risks and having fun is perhaps more important than the hard side of innovating. Of course, innovation activities cost time and money. It is logical that the innovation activities should be accountable, whereby these efforts in the sense of revenue, value creation etc. can be quantified and can therefore be justified with, for example, a positive ROI. However, it should not be the primary goal for an innovation platform.

It is about creating an environment where innovations are developed that have a short(er) time to market, become successful and are in line with the strategy of the organisation! The platform of Innofication has many features to meet both the hard and soft side of innovation.

innovation management software, soft side of innovation
Optimal balance between online- and offline innovation activities

The platform of Innofication goes beyond the most common innovation platforms in the market that have a focus on exclusively ideation / crowdsourcing. In practice, most innovation management software maintains solutions when ideas are collected, assessed and selected. Sometimes ideas are small improvements (incremental innovations) that can be deployed immediately. Nothing to worry about, but as ideas must actually be further elaborated into actually new propositions, business models or strategies (a radical or disruptive innovation ..)? “The chimney will not smoke” from good ideas alone!

A "traditional" approach to innovation is often followed, with virtually all activities taking place offline and putting important stakeholders in the background. The decisions are then made exclusively by the innovation team and / or management. Not surprisingly that there is little support for new initiatives, the pace of innovation slowed down and a lot of costs are incurred for sessions, workshops and other facilities etc.

In our view, that process can be more efficient, more effective and more democratic, creating a better balance between online and offline innovation activities. Working online on propositions in, for example, a competitive challenge where the crowd fulfils an active role and offline sessions for teambuilding and coaching. The result is a "mixed" innovation process with supported propositions within the own organisation, but also with clients if they are also participating (co-creation).

innovation management software with balance on- and offline activities
Professional and flexible partner

Innovation demands an agile organisation and an agile innovation platform. This includes a flexible partner who is proactive and thinks along with you. Not a supplier, but a real partner that helps you with your business issue.

Innofication has a passion for innovation and change in general. We are aware that innovation is not usually a full-time job of employees and that it should take place besides daily activities. Innovating should be a fun and educational experience of employees that leads to a culture of entrepreneurship. Energy and passion should be released. What will the organiwation get from the employees? But perhaps more important, what does the organization bring to the employees?

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