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Professional Services for Innovation
Innofication has over 15 years experience in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and new venturing. The roots of Innofication are on the business level.

Professional Services is considered as one of our core activities. It is important and necessary to come to a solution that is leveraging results. We are aware that sometimes small changes can have a huge impact on your organization, which should be managed smoothly and professionally.

We consider every customer and every business issue as a new unique challenge. In practice usually a customized (innovation and project) approach is developed. Our knowledge, experience and best practices are a starting point for a customized approach and not a standard approach itself.

Ideation and Innovation Professional Services

'We believe in the power of an Innovatieon Platform,
but nothing goes without saying'.

Our services

Our services cover all necessary activities to solve your business challenge(s). Our services are highly dependent on your business challenge and available capabilities. Innofication can support you in many areas, but the challenge remains the problem of your organisation where changes should be implemented.

Innofication innovation services

Management Consultancy

Innofication has extensive experience in strategic advisory. It is good to understand what the areas of changes are and what needs to be achieved. What are the causes of business issues? Important questions could be:

  • How can we shorten the time to market of new products and services?
  • Wat are the most important causes that new ideas do not lead to successful propositions?
  • What are the best sources which leverage the best and feasible ideas?
  • What is the industry structure? Who are the competitors and what are the trends?
  • Should my organization have a more balanced portfolio of incremental and radical innovations?
  • Wat is a good earning model for my new product or service?
  • Wat is a good business model for my business idea? En hoe kan een nieuw business model worden ingericht binnen de organisatie?
  • What is the business roadmap?
  • How is the (in)formel organisatie shaped?
  • How to create an innovative organization culture?
  • What is the best strategy for new products and services?
  • How can my existing innovations grow faster (crossing the chasm)?
  • Which knowledge and experience is missing within the organization and how to obtain them?

Project Management

To achieve the objectives, a sound project management is required throughout the entire project or program. Success factors for innovation projects are thorough planning, risk management, stakeholder management and delivery management without jeopardizing creativity, commitment and fun. For project management Prince 2 and/or Agile Scrum as methodology is used to support the innovation project/program and it is not a goal on itself!
Innovation Projectmanagement

Change Management

The 'soft' side deserves at least, or perhaps even more attention to innovation issues than the 'hard' side. Human, orzganizational behavior, structure and culture is key. Without the involvement, commitment, enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation structural change will hold off most likely.
Innovation Change Management

Solution Consultancy

Solution consultancy is aimed that projects will be beneficial  within your organisation by means of our innovation platform and services Besides the functional part of our solution, we should think of:
  • Approach innovation topic
  • Stakeholder management
  • Required knowledge and content
  • Inspiration and motivation of the crowd
  • Training
  • Communication strategy
  • Expected final results
Innovation and Ideation Solution consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Technical consultancy is aimed at all IT aspects of the innovation platform, such as:
  •  Technical deployment of solution crowdsourcing, social learning and serious game
  •  User access
  •  Customizations of solution (if needed)
  •  Reporting
  •  Branding solution with corporate identity

Innovantion software deployment

Workshops and training

Innofication can provide various training courses in the field of:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • New venturing
  • Business Development
  • Lean startup
  • Business models
  • Innovation Management
  •  Customized training and education
We have both a lot of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, teaching skills, humor and enthusiasm to provide training.
Ideation and Innovation workshops

Solution training innovation platform

To the extent necessary, we have the following solution training courses available.
  • User training
  • Manager training
  • Contenteditor training
  • Supervisor training
  • Administrator training
More information about trainings
Innovation and ideation training